1. What is the innovation?

Wanngi is bringing social change within the health industry by giving you the control of managing all of your health and fitness information all within one secure and private mobile app. From medical documents, to symptom and fitness tracking, Wanngi lets you control all aspects of your health.

2. What benefits does the innovation bring?

Wanngi helps people easily store all of their health information, meaning that they can be in full control of their health and know exactly what is going on at all times. It also helps people communicate to health professionals, helping them get diagnosed, treated and recover easier.

3. What commercial success and/or benefit to society has it achieved?

Wanngi launched in April has already achieved global reach by being featured in publications such as Forbes, attending global events such as Hype Sports Innovation Women’s World Cup, and by connecting with experts and professionals within healthtech in person and online.

4. What lessons learnt can you share?

Start ups are hard, but when you are creating something as important and wanted as Wanngi you will eventually prevail.

5. How many new jobs has this innovation created?


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