1. What is the innovation?

MEQ Probe uses the spectral reflectance of light to measure the eating quality of meat; the tenderness, taste and juiciness. Developed to bring an objective measure of eating quality to the meat industry, MEQ Probe is able to provide real-time measurements on meat. This leads to a better level of quality assurance, more return customers, and more willingness to pay for meat; creating value that flows back throughout the whole supply chain.

2. What benefits does the innovation bring?

The MEQ Probe’s cutting-edge technology allows all abattoirs to measure meat quality in the same way, which gives processors confidence through bringing consistency and repeatability – providing measurements that are the same every day and across different locations. Thanks to our technology, abattoirs are for the first time able to objectively measure the eating quality of their meat, which is crucial in being able to accurately quantify the quality of the meat, and make decisions about it. The improved data capture also allows for data to flow back through the supply chain to producers, and assist them in making data-driven decisions to improve quality.

3. What commercial success and/or benefit to society has it achieved?

By measuring the meat in an objective manner, consumers can expect to have a more consistent experience with the products they purchase. Our measurement occurs 12-24 hours earlier than the current subjective measures, which leads to processing and supply chain efficiencies through the logistics, marketing and planning of product.

4. What lessons learnt can you share?

Being focused is key to success. Being an early stage company means that there are always going to be a lot of different opportunities present themselves. It’s important to continually ask yourself ‘is what I’m doing right now core to the strategy of our business?’.

You can never ask your customers enough questions. Get to know their business inside-out, gain a deep understanding of what makes it tick, and then you’ll have a better understanding of how to design and provide your product to them.

5. How many new jobs has this innovation created?

A tight-knit team, MEQ Probe has four core team members, including a meat scientist, laser technician, data scientist, and CEO, Jordy Kitschke. The team will continue to grow rapidly over the next 12-24 months as the company expands in size.