What is the innovation?

Artificial intelligence assisted video monitoring system being developed by iCetana.

What benefit does it bring?

The system increases the efficiency and utility of installed video monitoring systems. Uses computer vision, machine learning and advanced algorithms to take protection to the next conceivable level. Once installed, these systems actually ‘learn’ and ‘remember’ what normal conditions in a given environment look like. Whenever circumstances break from that ‘normal’ definition and move into ‘abnormal’ territory, the appropriate people are notified as quickly as possible.

What commercial success and/or benefit to society has it achieved?

The system is being used internationally in large retail stores, shopping malls, college campuses and transportation hubs to improve security and site management.

iCetana is a spin off company from Curtin University, with initial investment from Yuuwa Capital, iCetana spent three years in commercialisation, readying the software for deployment at customer sites. In 2017, iCetana raised a further $8M.

What lessons learnt can you share?

CEO Chris Farquhar says taking time to put together clear documentation for investors, that describes the opportunity and growth plan well, is critical.


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