What is the innovation?

CyclePort aims to supercharge the global electric bike revolution. Our smart universal dock, charge and share systems elevate e-bikes from disconnected personal mobility devices to intelligent transport systems.

E-bikes are revolutionising urban mobility. They enable cyclists to go further and faster and carry heavier loads with less effort, while reducing traffic congestion, parking space, air and noise pollution, and improving health. Some analysts predict e-bikes will become the world’s most ubiquitous transport mode, with global stocks growing from 200 million today to 2 billion by 2050. But public and private infrastructure to accommodate this shift is woefully inadequate.

CyclePort’s smart bike docks instantly lock any bike fitted with SmartPegs. These universal connectors are fitted to a bike’s front axle and contain a unique ID for monitoring and tracking, a clamping point for locking and stable parking, and contacts for safe e-bike charging. Our docks connect to form automated park, charge and share stations. Stations are wirelessly linked to create universal e-bike sharing networks, for personal bikes (peer-to-peer sharing) and public fleets.

What benefits does it bring?

E-bikes can enhance an organisation’s profitability, productivity and reputation:

  • Affordability: e-bikes are 10 times cheaper than cars to buy and operate
  • Speed: e-bikes are faster than cars for most urban trips
  • Space: 10 e-bikes fit per car space and bike parking boosts Greenstar ratings
  • Health: Cycling improves employee well being and productivity
  • Environment: e-bikes reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Logistics: e-cargo bikes can beat traffic and deliver direct to door

CyclePort unlocks these benefits for clients by integrating smart e-bike infrastructure across their organisation.

Target markets include local government, commercial property, universities, fleet managers, tourism and public transport authorities.

What commercial success and/or benefit to society has it achieved?

The first CyclePort park, charge and share station will open in Bendigo in March 2018. Housing the City Council’s staff bike fleet, the system will reduce internal fleet car use, traffic congestion, emissions and parking costs, while improving staff health.

It will seed a citywide institutional e-bike sharing system serving local business and tourism.


What lessons learnt can you share?

  1. Make your best estimate of the cost, time and effort you think will be required to launch your start up, then triple it.
  2. Keep the first version of your product or service simple: it doesn’t have to solve every problem, just the one that is most important to your customers.
  3. Network like crazy. Two inventors tinkering in a shed need all the friends and help they can get if their brilliant widget is to see the light of day.

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