#AUSinnovates Contribution Conditions

By submitting content (including images and videos) I represent and agree as follows:


  1. All content is my own original work, or I otherwise have permission from the copyright owner(s) to submit this content to gemaker Pty Ltd for publication in its #ausinnovates campaign or any substitute campaign. Similarly, I have permission from the owner of any trade marks referred to, and all individuals named or depicted, in the submitted content.


  1. Where I am the original creator of content I consent to any act that would otherwise infringe moral rights I have in that content (such as rights of attribution). Where other individuals created the content, I represent that I have obtained moral rights consents from the creator(s) that gemaker is also able to rely on.


  1. In submitting this content I am not breaching any contract, obligation of confidence, privacy law or any other law (including those relating to misleading conduct, fundraising or libel). All statements in the submitted content are true and claims are able to be substantiated. Similarly, gemaker’s publication of this content will not breach any law or infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.


  1. If I become aware of any of the above matters being untrue, or likely to be untrue, I will notify gemaker immediately.


  1. gemaker has the right to publish, disseminate and reproduce this content via its website, social media channels, email newsletters and via other digital and physical media means as gemaker sees fit. gemaker may edit and modify the content as it deems appropriate.  I acknowledge that may withdraw this permission at any time by giving at least 30 days’ notice.  In such event gemaker will remove published content from websites and social media channels it controls.


  1. gemaker is under no obligation to publish my content. Published content may subsequently removed from gemaker’s webpage or social media channels for any reason and without notice to me.


  1. gemaker does not intend to charge a fee for third parties to access #ausinnovates content. gemaker will generally make #ausinnovates content available from its website under the Australian Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 licence terms. However, once content is published third parties may subsequently reproduce and modify the content. gemaker does not accept liability in respect of such third party activities beyond its control.


  1. gemaker may use your contact details and other information submitted by yourself to #ausinnovates for its own marketing and other business purposes.


  1. gemaker may receive financial or in-kind support from other organisations to support #ausinnovates. You consent to information and content submitted by yourself to #ausinnovates being shared with such supporters. Such supporters may use that information for their own marketing and business purposes. gemaker does not accept liability in respect of any use of your information or content by supporters. This consent overrides anything to the contrary in gemaker’s privacy policy. The identity of supporters will generally be published on the #ausinnovates website.


  1. Where I am submitting this content on behalf of an organisation, I have their authority to do so and to bind the organisation to these conditions.


  1. I release and indemnify gemaker, its #ausinnovates supporters and their officers, employees, agents and contractors on demand against all loss suffered by them (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) arising from any breach by me of the representations and conditions set out above.


  1. gemaker is conducting the #ausinnovates campaign as it believes in celebrating the success of Australian innovation. It is not supplying a service, and its liability in connection with this campaign (however rising, including by negligence) is limited to the maximum extent permitted by law. In particular, the selection of any particular technology, product or service in the #ausinnovates campaign does not constitute any endorsement of that technology, product or service by gemaker or its #ausinnovates supporters.


  1. These conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales. gemaker may sub-contract its rights as necessary for it to conduct the #ausinnovates campaign, and may assign or novate its rights under these conditions to a successor of its business.