What is the innovation?

The 360dgrees interface empowers the final user to create standard and 360 video players with a range of customisable features including playlists, picture-in-picture videos and hotspots.

These hotspots can either be static or dynamic – fixed to a point or moving through the virtual space and used as POS and CTA links to websites, forms or videos or as navigation points that allow the final user to explore and interact with the virtual environments.

Once the videos are customised with interactivity, every business can publish them across web, mobile and Android devices.

360dgrees.com also provides some powerful analytics, giving customers crucial insights into performance and optimisation.

What benefit does it bring?

The unique 360dgrees.com interactive reality platform helps organisations create IR training which is immersive and transformative. Training outcomes can improve from 5% retention to 75%. The 360dgrees.com platform helps organisations create IR training with an interactive layer to connect people to the content and enables organisations to gamify training. The gamification lifts participation rates from 5-10% to 100% (hard to be distracted when you are immersed and interacting in a world of action and activity).

What commercial success and/or benefit to society has it achieved?

360dgrees received funding from Singapore-based VC Brandhaus Capital Partners and is a Gold Partner with Microsoft.

See it in action at the Sydney Airport:


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