We collect and share stories of commercialisation success from Australian research organisations and innovative companies to inspire and guide other innovators.

Our First Year

How we’ve helped Australian innovators and what we need now

Our Goals

Launched in January 2018, the 12-month #AUSinnovates campaign aimed to:

  • inspire more Aussie innovators to persist in developing their great ideas
  • guide those just starting their commercialisation journey with lessons learnt by successful innovators, and
  • grow the new and improved industries on which our future wellbeing depends.

Our Achievements

  • We collected 41 commercialisation success stories from diverse research organisations and innovative businesses and featured them on the #AUSinnovates website and social media platforms.
  • We engaged with a wide audience from industry, government, academia and the general public (i.e. potential funders, collaborators and customers for the featured innovators), reaching an average of 9,524 people per story.
  • Up to 559 people clicked through from each post to learn more on the #AUSinnovates website, which attracted almost 7,000 unique visitors during the campaign. Our posts also increased traffic to the websites of participating innovators and their organisations.

If you are interested in partnering with us to regrow AUSinnovates please contact us.